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Jul 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
spends more time with his daughter in new york city but has he seen katie holmes? and is their split really going as smoothly as it appears? but first, this is "today" ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm...99 bushels of wheat! ♪ [ male announcer ] kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal has 8 layers of whole grain fiber... so they stick with you. ♪ 45 bushels of wheat on the farm. 45 bushels of wheat! ♪ all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yeehaw! in those fun little biscuits. aflac! ha! isn't major medical enough? huh! no! who's gonna help cover the holes in their plans? aflac! quack! like medical bills they don't pay for? aflac! or help pay the mortgage? quack! or child care? quack! aflaaac! and everyday expenses? huh?! blurlbrlblrlbr!!! [ thlurp! ] aflac! [ male announcer ] help your family stay afloat at plegh! >> this is wbal-tv 11 news today and baltimore. >> good morning. here is a look at our top stories. fiat officials believe night -- lightning may have caused fires. the first happened last night in arnold. that home was destroyed by a damaged after
Jul 19, 2012 3:00am PDT
members of congress, outstanding democrats in congress. eleanor holmes norton representing the district of columbia and peter welsh from vermont will be here in studio with us as well. lots to talk about including fox news. giving a whole hour last night to a murderer. why? but first... >> this is the "full court press." >> on this thursday, other headlines making news, lots of reaction to the new batman film, the dark knight rises on the movie review web site rotten tomatoes. it is not all that great. for the first time ever, the site's editors have suspended comments from visitors because of what they were saying about critics who have not given the movie good reviews. the editor in chief says it became too much work to police the comments. they included hate and death threats for the movie critics. the film opens live this weekend. >> bill: i know. so much hullabaloo over a movie review. this is the trivia question. do you know who started the site rotten tomatoes? >> no. >> no. >> bill: friend
Jul 19, 2012 2:05am PDT
? chris brown, katie holmes, beyonce or tom cruise. >> this year -- [ bell dings ] >> she hasn't said it yet! >> i would say katie. >> now, you can do it. >> katie holmes. >> probably not a big surprise to folks. tom cruise and she have been in the news lately. some other out there definitely, beyonce, tom cruise absolutely. >> she's hot for this minute. definitely for sure. back across to kath. >> from houston, texas. what is the most popular youtube video of all time? "baby," "charlie bit my finger," "david after dentist" or "coney 2012." >> i think it's b, "charlie bit my finger." >> i thought you were going to say bieber. no. she's going to love my album. it's totally appropriate for her age. >> just tell us. it's not "charlie bit my finger, " it's "baby" by justin bieber. but what is "charlie bit my finger"? >> a powerful video. very cute. hysteric al stuff. a boy whose brother bites his finger. that bieber video, it stuck in my head. i did not watch it before doing the research. >> there it is. ♪ >> it is in the cajillions. >> very nice tall gentleman from columbus. which of t
FOX News
Jul 19, 2012 10:00am PDT
on the right. the publisher says they're just adding some missing scenes. who knew that sherlock holmes had a thing for dr. watson? apparently he wasn't kidding when he said it's elementary, watson, these are my methods. here's the deal. if you do this, they're thinking they can get a lot more of the new-age fans, for example, in wutter heights, catherine and heath cliff are now into bondage. and here's a new passage from jane eyre. it reads: at once i saw he meant to kiss me once again. his lips would be ruthless, and the smokiness of his cigar combine with the his uncivilized power would render me helpless. [laughter] yes, it might be offensive to some of the original fans of the book -- megyn: so they're going to go gay with sherlock holmes and watson? >> i didn't want to say, yes, but they are. megyn: does this mean i get to have colin firth who's, of course, the real mr. darcy, am i going to get to see him in some sort of compromising position? >> reporter: as soon as these go to film, you absolutely will. i didn't read the top parts because i can't on television, but it gets much wors
Jul 19, 2012 5:00pm EDT
holmes has reaction tonight. >> city leaders try to persuade congress that allowing for taller buildings is good business for the city. it bought of residents are not buying it. -- a lot of residents are not buying it. >> i think it will take away from the character of d.c. >> if a vincent gray and other city leaders get their way the skyline will change. the uniform look with buildings no taller than 130 feet has been there trademarked since congress enacted the height act. >> while is nice to have all of our sunshine and blue skies, it is also nice to have a lot of people live in d.c. and make it affordable with more housing. >> that is what they want to modify the restriction allowing for taller office buildings hotels and apartment buildings. most people told us the shorter skyline is what makes washington unique. >> it would take away from the uniqueness of washington being one of the few cities that still is not into the upward mobility. >> it is not like the new york city when you are in the shade of the time and you cannot see anything. i think seeing the monuments is one of the
Jul 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
-wife katie holmes was flying solo. she was spotted leaving spin class tight lipped and looking somber. >> divorce is an adjustment for an entire family. they need to not expose suri to the hostilities and tensions between them. >> reporter: tom's rep denied the reports of high-speed chase. there have been several minor car accidents involving suri over the last few days. katie holmes mercedes was reportedly sideswiped by a paparazzi vehicle. >> i guess there's no case quite like this. you have helped a lot of families deal with divorce. overall, from what you can see, how are tom and katie handling it? >> amazingly. they kept it prove, settled it quickly. their main focus, as it should be, is their daughter, suri, and her well being. i thing parents could look at that and try to reproduce it. >> i read one report, who knows if it's completely true. katie left been tom came in, they didn't have contact in front of suri. is that the best way to go? >> we don't know how they're doing it. if they can't face each other right away, it's okay to not be face to face and exchange. the key is t
Jul 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
bearded egyptian president, and michael holmes is here to talk about all of the hair here. when i went to i jiegypt the yog westernized guys did not have facial hair and then the more conservatives who did. what is the significance of this? >> well, for the muslims, they see the growing of the beard as a symbol of religious piety and somehow linked to showing the religiousness if you like. it is actually not written anywhere in islam, but it is seen that way. you go to a lot of the muslim countries and you will see a lot of the more traditionalists with the beards. what has changed now in egypt though that makes it interesting is that you are now seeing the beards popping up in places that you didn't before, policemen, flight attendants and even the anchors on the tv news, and you are also seeing on the other side, the women are starting to wear head scarves if they want to. it is an expression of freedom if you like under the new democracy. >> and why wasn't president mubarak, the former president, not allowing people to express themselves in that way? what was he so afraid of? >> wel
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)